Meet our team behind Passbase —

From left to right: Felix Gerlach, Mathias Klenk & Dave McGibbon

We are excited to announce that Passbase has closed a pre-seed funding round of $600K led by a group of amazing early-stage technology investors and business angels from Alphabet, Stanford, Kleiner Perkins, EY, Upheaval, and Seedcamp.

We plan to use this funding to develop our core infrastructure, launch our B2B…

Good design is relative. Everyone has an opinion about good and bad design but when you break down the KPIs in terms of conversion rate, retention or growth, you’ll see that only a few companies are out there who are using the power of design and its tremendous leverage to disrupt whole industries.

When we look at the rising stars like Airbnb, Deliveroo or Lyft, the success kicked in because people fell in love with the simplicity and frictionless experience of their services. Their approach of linking design and technology gave them the foundation for growth, retention and conversion by any accounts.


Dear Coinance community,

We are incredibly grateful for all your support and appreciate you following our journey so far, as well as providing much needed feedback as we have sought to simplify portfolio tracking across exchanges. Today, we are extremely excited to announce our beta launch of multi-exchange mobile trading…

Felix Gerlach

San Francisco, California / CPO of @Passbase

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